Kelly Temple

Kelly Temple

Born on the 19th February, 1953. Height 5’8″. Black hair, Brown eyes.

Kelly started his career as a DJ at the age of 14, working one night a week in a Leicester Youth Club.

His broadcasting career began in 1972 when he joined BBC Radio Humberside as a freelance DJ.

In between time Kelly was studying to qualify for a Medical Course, but instead joined a large company in a junior managerial position. In his spare time he sang with a pop group and worked in the nightclubs.

1974 was a successful year for Kelly when he made an appearance on “Top of the Pops”, and joined Radio Hallam presenting “Saturday Spin” most Saturday lunchtimes.

Kelly now presents the weekend breakfast show.

Kelly, who is single, drives a red sports car and enjoys-tennis, water skiing and gliding.

His taste of music varies from Johnny Mathis, and Cliff Richard to Barry White and the Philly Sound. His favourite female singer is Diana Ross. You only have to listen to the breakfast show each weekend to find out the variation in his musical taste.

Kelly Temple