Liz Davies

Liz Davies

Liz confesses that she’s in broadcasting simply because she’s never done anything like it before. Despite her voice test for Hallam sounding (so Liz says) “like Basil Brush imitating Emperor Rosko” she was chosen because of her experience in dealing with people (and animals) in many kinds of problem situations.

Between being born in Hathersage, Derbyshire and joining Radio Hallam she went to school in a few places then started off a somewhat chequered career as an animal technician in Cambridge working with rats, followed by further research, this time with humans, into stomach ulcers. From there (Liz states it seemed quite logical at the time) she progressed to psychiatric social work, and became a Mental Welfare Officer. But after four years she found herself once again looking after animals — this time as a veterinary anaesthetist. Other short term employment included being a personnel officer, a window dresser, racehorse groom, farm labouress and finally ended up back in research studying the problem of infertility in women.

So it could be said (amongst other things) that Liz is ideally qualified to certify an infertile rat with a gastric ulcer.

Liz admits that as the newest and least experienced addition to Radio Hallam’s presentation staff, at first the control desk in the studio looked like something from an Apollo space flight deck, and surrounded by so many professionals she makes the comparison that she felt like Lucille Ball in N.A.S.A. However, she’s since learned where to kick things. The “paws” button on the tape machine has had to be covered up as Barney kept pressing it, and we’ve heard rumours that after he’s eaten Florence he has plans for a “coup d’ chat”.

In a more serious vein, Liz states that she’s deeply indebted to the rest of the staff for the help and encouragement she has had, and still continues to receive. It all adds up, all the talking, meeting people, music, deafening noise and air of unpredictability to an immensely enjoyable experience being the presenter of ‘Tis Liz every weekday afternoon.

Lulu and Liz Davies

LIZ DAVIES shares a joke with LULU, one of the many studio guests featured in “TIS LIZ”