by Bill MacDonald

Managing Director, Radio Hallam

Radio Hallam is not too shy to say it is a popular station. Not just that it has more listeners in this area than any other except one of the national networks (broadcasting, incidentally with over 400 times our power). No — we mean by popular that Radio Hallam is for the people, of the people, and to an extent unusual even in these days of ‘access’ broadcasting, by the people.

We try to provide a radio service which South Yorkshire folk will recognise is for them. A blend of entertainment, information and companionship. A radio service which you can dip into as the mood takes you, or listen to all day. In the morning and late afternoon there’s important local information for people on the move. During the day the talk is more for people at home, but our ‘middle of the road’ music is carefully chosen to suit most tastes.

Music isn’t just better in stereo — on radio it’s marvellous, exciting, fantastic because you hear it without interference from the foreign stations that afflict the medium wave. Radio Hallam is in stereo all day long, but we understand that our listeners for the most part can only sit down and listen in comfort to their own sets during the leisure hours. So at night we spread before our gourmet listeners a feast of music which calls for attentive listening, ranging from heavy rock to full length classical music.

Radio Hallam is not just a supplier of music, not just a supplier of news and information. Our abiding belief is that people matter, and people are interested in people. South Yorkshire is renowned for its good neighbours and community feeling, but it would still take a long time for you to meet every one of your million plus neighbours in this region. So we try to introduce you to as many as we can on air… that’s why we go out and about so much, talking to people in the street, in the clubs — in their homes even, introducing them all to you. So shake hands with your neighbour and enjoy his company through Radio Hallam. In the following pages you’ll meet the people who want to introduce you to your neighbours. They also want to tell you what’s going on and where, keep you company and keep you amused. If we don’t do this, our reason for existence has gone. No public authority, national or local, grants us any money to keep going whether we are wanted by our listeners or not. We hope you’ll continue to like our company for a long time to come.

Managing Director, Radio Hallam

Bill MacDonald


  • Gerard Young, CBE, JP (Chairman)
  • Mrs Dawn de Bartolome
  • John P. Graham
  • Thomas P. Watson, JP
  • William S. MacDonald (Managing Director)
  • Lord Darling of Hillsborough
  • John J. Jewitt, JP
  • Herbert Whitham

Senior Executives

  • William S. MacDonald (Managing Director)
  • Keith Skues (Programme Director)
  • Darryl Adams (Sales & Publicity Manager)
  • Derrick Connolly (Chief Engineer)
  • Ian Rufus (News Editor)
  • Graham Blincow (Company Secretary)

IBA Advisory Committee

  • A. T. Wickham Robinson (Chairman)
  • Councillor R. Barton
  • Mrs E. Galbraith
  • Mrs P. Spittlehouse
  • Councillor Mrs D Walton, JP
  • Dr A. K. Admani, JP
  • P. Bennett-Keenan
  • Councillor G. H. Moores
  • Miss L. Waldie

Who owns Radio Hallam


  • The Automobile Association Ltd.
  • Mrs Dawn de Bartolome
  • Balfour Darwins Ltd
  • Brightside & Carbrook (Sheffield) Co-operative Society Ltd.
  • British Syphon Industries & James Edward Eardley
  • Jon S. Carter
  • County Bank Ltd.
  • Lord Darling
  • Delta Enfield Cables (Holdings) Ltd.
  • Mrs Jean Doyle
  • Wilfred Edmunds Ltd. (Derbyshire Times)
  • Footprint Tools Ltd.
  • Henry Garnett & Company Ltd. (Rotherham Advertiser)
  • General & Municipal Workers Union Yorks. & North Derbyshire Region
  • Hallamshire Industrial Securities Ltd.
  • J. H. Hancock
  • Industrial & Commercial Finance Corporation Ltd
  • J. J. Jewitt, MBE
  • J. J. Jewitt J.P.
  • Kenning Motor Group Ltd.
  • W. S. MacDonald
  • M. J. Mallet
  • Samuel Montagu (Nominees) Ltd. (The University of Sheffield)
  • Sheffield Chamber of Commerce
  • Sheffield & Ecclesall Co-operative Society Ltd
  • Sheffield Newspapers Ltd.
  • Matthew Sheppard
  • Sissons & Son Ltd. (Worksop Guardian)
  • Keith Skues
  • South Yorkshire Times
  • Trident Television Ltd.
  • Union of Shop Distributive & Allied Workers
  • Ruben Viner
  • J. G. West
  • Henry Wigfall & Son Ltd.
  • G. F. Young