Commercial Break

Commercial Break

Darryl J. Adams

Sales & Publicity Manager

Although the informal, friendly style of broadcasting developed by Radio Hallam makes it sound instantly recognisable, its most obvious characteristics are the commercial breaks sprinkled amongst the programmes. The commercials are, of course, the life-blood of the station as we do not receive any income whatsoever from the licence fee paid to receive national radio and television.

Independent radio stations are permitted to devote up to 9 minutes per hour to advertisments, and the content of these are very stringently controlled by the IBA Code of Advertising Standards, to make sure that no harmful or offensive material is transmitted.

I consider the advertisements to play a similar role to the rest of our programme output by being informative and entertaining; and to achieve this a great deal of expertise is employed in the creation of every commercial, some 2,000 of which have been made in our own studios during our first eight months on air.

Some startling successes have been reported by advertisers who used us as a means of informing you, the listener of some of the special qualities of their goods or services, and likewise we’ve found that many people have been grateful for information they have received through our advertising service.

It all boils down to the fact that we have the ability to communicate with a large audience (in excess of 350,000) in a way that requires no direct commitment on their part. You can listen to the radio and carry on with your days’ activities, whereas it is extremely hard to watch television whilst driving a car, or read a newspaper whilst mowing the lawn.

In these days of severe financial cutbacks, more and more companies are turning to radio as the most cost-effective way of advertising their goods, (I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear that a 15 second spot can cost as little as £4·00), and because of the speed at which we can operate (A commercial can be on the air in 15 minutes), this medium offers advertisers a flexibility and potential hitherto unavailable in this area.

Darryl J Adams

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The success of Radio Hallam depends to a large extent on the popularity of the station and the number of listeners who regularly tune in, so we are extremely anxious to become involved with community activities wherever possible. That is why we are constantly seen out and about at functions where we have the opportunity of meeting as many of you as possible. I also consider it part of our role to help promote various entertainment functions, and on the serious side we are involved with promoting sport and educational achievement.